Ogden Projects


View of Conceptual LRT Station Transit Oriented Development (City of Calgary)

The Jessica


7014-7032 Ogden Rd SE

The subject application represents an assembled parcel of land totaling 0.517 acres. It is located within a Transit Oriented Development area, adjacent to the future Ogden Greenline station, and is a designated Community Activity Centre within Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan.


This project is envisioned as a twelve-storey, mixed use building with commercial on the first floor and residential above. The location is ideal for higher density due to its proximity to the future Ogden Greenline LRT Station and location on the future envisioned commercial Main Street for Ogden. The commercial uses at grade are intended to activate the street, improve vibrancy, and increase the population in order to increase support for businesses and transit. The proposed development will enable Transit Oriented Development, in alignment with City policy increasing housing, employment and services within proximity of the LRT. The Application is also is seeking an amendment to the Millican-Ogden Area Redevelopment Plan to facilitate the height and density proposed for the proposed development.

The Leo


7820 24 St SE

The site is located on 24th Street SE and is adjacent to the Ogden fire station, the old Legion building, and a park space.
The site is also located within a short distance to future Ogden and South Hill LRT stations.


This project is envisioned as a six-storey building, that could include commercial uses on the first floor, with residential above. The location is ideal for a higher density development due to its unique location, proximity to the Primary Transit Network and proximity to community amenities. Additional density will add more housing choices, bring new residents, businesses, and enhance redevelopment efforts by building new homes in an established community which aligns with The City’s infill and density goals. This application aligns with the ARP’s vision as a community hub for this site.


Why are the sites currently listed up for sale?

  • Our client UrbanStar is using the listing as an opportunity to explore if there is either a builder who would like to enter a joint venture to develop the property with UrbanStar or would be interested in buying the property outright.
  • This is part of normal business due diligence and prudent business practices to identify what the best route for the project will be.
  • If the property does not sell or a development partner is not found, UrbanStar will be moving forward with development. UrbanStar choose to list during the land use application process to be transparent, rather than wait till after the application process was completed.
  • UrbanStar is a long-time member of the community and will continue to support what is best for the community by working on a development that is transformational to the site and complimentary to the community.

Will there be affordable housing units or are they all market housing?

  • This has not been determined yet, the landowners will decide later in the planning process.

Will there be a concurrent development permit application?

  • No, the team is just applying for the land use redesignations at this time.

Why are we going for 12 storeys at The Jessica?

  • The site is adjacent to the future LRT line, it is in a TOD area, and Ogden is a major street, so it is an ideal location for additional density.
  • The City encourages additional density around TOD’s since they are investing heavily in the LRT.
  • The additional density at this location will also attract developers who will then support local businesses on the main street and in the community.



If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact our project team.