Blackfoot Trail SE

9200 Blackfoot Trail SE.

Hi there!

We’re submitting an application for an Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignation and we’d love your feedback.


In the City of Calgary, an Outline Plan is a non-statutory plan that ensures a resolution and allocation of land uses, open spaces and access networks. Outline Plans are unique to the City of Calgary and bridge the process between high-level policy documents (like Area Structure Plans) and the planning applications that follow (like Development Permit applications).


The site is located along Blackfoot Trail SE. The site is bordered by a business park to the north, an escarpment to the east and south, Blackfoot Trail SE to the west and low-density residential development further to the west. The site is also in close proximity to Sue Higgins Off-Leash Dog Park and commercial areas north of the site.


The project is envisioned to facilitate multi-residential development of up to 4 storeys high or a maximum of 16.0 metres. It is anticipated that approximately 581 units offering 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units will be constructed. A Development Permit will be submitted shortly after the Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignation. Development will be setback from the escarpment and facilitate the designation of new public open space and walkable asphalt pathway along the ridge and connect to Sue Higgins Park.

On September 19, 2023, Calgary City Council approved the Heritage Communities Local Area Plan (LAP). The LAP identifies this site as “Neighborhood Flex,” which accommodates Mid-Scale buildings, and allows developments of up to 12 storeys. The proposed development is in alignment with the LAP. The LAP also encourages pedestrian friendly design which will be accommodated via sidewalk connections adjacent to and within the parcel. The proposed development for this site includes apartments of up to 4 storeys, thus aligning to the LAP.

A Development Permit will be submitted a few weeks following the submission of the land use redesignation application. Please return to this website for future updates.


This project is envisioned to accommodate:

  • 581 residential units across seven 4-storey apartment buildings
  • Vehicle and bike parking
  • Increased walkability and connectivity to the regional pathway system and Sue Higgins Off-Leash Park through the identification of an asphalt pathway east of the future development


The QuantumPlace team met with a representative of the Acadia Community Association on June 6, 2023 onsite. At this time, the team introduced the project and answered questions regarding the application.

A virtual open house took place on October 5, 2023. About 22 attendees were present. During this time, the team fielded questions from the public and provided responses. Following the virtual open house, the team produced a “What We Heard” report consolidating public feedback and the team’s responses were compiled. This report has been separately provided to City Administration.

QuantumPlace will continue to maintain outreach with the Community Association as these applications progress.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact our project team.